The Seattle Sound: no matter what era of music you think of, the Emerald City has always had a distinct aesthetic to its music and art. Jimi Hendrix, Quincy Jones, Heart, Paul Revere & the Raiders, Nirvana, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Death Cab for Cutie, Modest Mouse, Macklemore; beyond genre and style, they all embody a chain of musical culture with a distinct and unmistakeable character. Noir Grime makes the look and feel of Rain City music available to you.


Offering both audio and video production, music mastering, and media design, Noir Grime is a complete solution for Seattle multimedia art. Engineers, producers, artists, and other local talent steeped in the Seattle way help you capture the timeless, evergreen quality you’re looking for in your finished product without any meaningless prestige mark-up. In service to the art and to you, Noir Grime gives you exactly what you’re looking for — the best.

Boomers (2015)
Shubzilla & Bill Beats

Dinner And A Movie (2014)
Shubzilla & Bill Beats

Bill Beats

Bill Beats


Bill Beats is a Seattle-based producer, DJ, photographer, and videographer with a growing presence in the local independent hip-hop and nerdcore scenes. The full-time DJ and producer for Death*Star and backing DJ for 9K1 and Klopfenpop, Bill Beats got his start in the hip-hop duo Guilty By Association (where he produced under the name Nat da King) and has established himself as a fixture in unique crews with a solid sample-based sound. He has produced and spun for Lex Lingo (formerly Sketch of The Future), Shubzilla, Rook the Rhymer, and Billy the Fridge, and has collaborated on tracks with Ricky Pharoe, Adam WarRock, Mettik (formerly of The Future), Brittany Dixon, Double Entendre the Giant, and Ultraklystron. Known for his laid back persona and unrivaled ear for quality samples, Bill Beats may be your new favorite producer.




Shubzilla (Shiboo Blalack) is a rap artist based out of Renton, WA. She debuted as an artist for Nerdcore Now’s Vocalist/Producer Challenge 2011, where she was ranked 10th overall. The following year, Shubzilla’s talent and bravado earned her second place. No stranger to the stage, Shubzilla turned to rap as a creative after years of training as a dancer. She has never looked back, addicted to fierce vocals that charge the audience. Remaining true to her former performance style, Shubzilla’s sets are high energy. Her lyrics inviting the crowd to participate and become part of the show. Shubzilla is also the rapper of the electronic-rap group 9k1 with Seattle artists Lex Lingo and Bill Beats.

Lex Lingo

Lex Lingo


Lex Lingo is a singer/songwriter/rapper from the greater seattle area, who has been making music for over 8 years. His charismatic stage presence combined with witty, and at times crude humor, makes for one of the most entertaining shows you will attend in the near future. He shares his smiling pessimistic take on the world through electronica mixed with classic hip hop and flares of pop. Infectious hooks and catchy lyricism are staples in his routine, and will be sure to catch any audience off guard. His solo efforts, and combined efforts, with his electronica group, 9K1, have garnered attention on a national level. With DJ Bill Beats rounding out this electrifying experience, Lex Lingo is sure to be making waves in a town near you soon.

Audio Production

Noir Grime offers top of the line audio production for all types of projects. We will sit and talk with each client about their vision and where they want the production to land when looking for custom production.  We also offer cheaper solutions if you need something fast and dirty. 

Video Production

As a premier music video company, our aim is to craft groundbreaking and innovative music video productions that engage and excite audiences. By employing imaginative, stimulating visuals, unique narratives, and film quality cinematography, we intend to inject life back into what has otherwise become a creatively dry music video production industry.


Noir Grime Mastering, Is an affordable audio mastering solution for musicians and independent record labels around the world. Noir Grime Mastering bring you that great quality banging sound at a low cost. Because of our low operating expenses, we are able to give you the same quality than others competitive studios that’s charging 2-3 times our rates.

Media Design

Our in-house design staff can create a custom CD or DVD wrap, insert, or any other packaging solution. Our designers will work with you to develop a unique design that conveys your message, connects with your audience and exceeds your expectations.

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